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Bleyer Lawyers provides efficient and strategic legal services of the highest quality.  Founded in Melbourne in 2007 by Director and Principal Lawyer Vanessa Bleyer, Bleyer Lawyers quickly expanded to perform legal services across the east coast of Australia, with offices in Launceston and Melbourne. 

Bleyer Lawyers’ core areas of practice include commercial, property, migration, constitutional and administrative law, including litigation. 

We develop longstanding relationships with our clients enabling us to effectively assist with most of your legal needs.  We can draft your Will, act in the conveyance of your property, prepare contracts for your business, work to resolve disputes if they arise, and act for you in Court proceedings if necessary to assist in determining a dispute.    

We have a specialisation in debt collection, including within the legal profession where we regularly act for barristers.  We also scrutinise legal fees and act for clients disgruntled with invoices issued to them by other lawyers, usually due to overcharging.  We mostly resolve such disputes, but if they require third party intervention, we run Costs Court proceedings so the appropriate amount of legal costs can be determined by the Court. 

This leads into our work involving professional bodies, including acting for persons seeking readmission to the legal profession, acting for lawyers the subject of alleged misconduct and acting for other professionals in similar circumstances such as psychologists, accountants and osteopaths.

We have an acute interest in the protection of our natural environment and are opposed to cruelty to animals.  We perform a high volume of pro bono and reduced fee work designed to bring to account those acting outside our environmental laws and laws that impact the proper treatment of animals.  We also support individuals charged for protesting against native forest logging and for protesting for action on climate change.

Similarly, we regularly act in defamation law matters where the person defamed has been unlawfully disparaged when standing up for Australia’s native forests or is a person or organisation operating in environmental protection.  Usually, these matters resolve through application of the Uniform Defamation law.  At times, Court proceedings need to be commenced in the interests of justice.

We are concerned to work towards the betterment of our community.  To that end, we work in migration law to assist regional Australia fill its skills shortages, bring or keep loved ones together and help people enter or remain in Australia.

Our conservation and other public interest work are balanced with our strong commercial practice.  We believe in justice within corporate relationships.  We work to protect and defend those the subject of injustice from larger commercial players who can at times take advantage of smaller operators.  We are conscious of a common litigation tactic deployed by some in big business to try to run the smaller player out of litigation funds in an effort to end the case on terms more favourable to the bigger player than justice would demand.  We charge reasonably and conduct ourselves efficiently to help manage the costs of litigation in large commercial matters as a means to help clients resolve cases on terms satisfactory to them or have best prospects of success in the Court’s determination.

Critically, we are strategists. A good legal outcome follows a carefully considered and deployed plan after having understood all of the facts, gathered the relevant evidence and applied the appropriate laws.

On this website, you can read about the team at Bleyer Lawyers, find out how to contact us and read some of the cases we have been involved in.

You can also visit our Migration Launceston website.

Photo: Law Rare Book Collection, The University of Melbourne Archives